5 Social Media Marketing Tricks For Small Business

Digital Marketing Campaign is now one of the most effective strategies of small and big businesses and the strategy practiced in the use of social media platforms can determine the success or failure of a business’ online marketing campaign. Valuable resources should not be wasted by social media managers to assure that a business gains rewards like click-through traffic or engagement. This marketing strategy should make sure that your business remains active, relevant, and alive in the world of social media. We have listed 5 social media marketing tricks for small businesses.


1 Start With A Plan

No matter how basic as it may seem, a plan is one trick that a business social  manager should do upon starting with a specific social media platform. Facebook can offer different tactics compared to what Twitter can potentially contribute in your marketing strategy. Different social media platforms also differ from how much they charge for the use of their “added features” that specifically targets a specific group of people or audience.  A boost of a Facebook post for $25.oo can be surprisingly overwhelming and totally worth it. So always lay out a plan first. That is the first trick is social media marketing.


2 The Big 5

Even social media has its own hierarchy and The Big 5 platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. They are labelled “The Big 5” because they are the most important platforms that basically dominates and covers all social media users. They are the alpha of today’s social media dominion.


3 Engage With Users

Social media is all about being social in a relatively virtual platform. Avoid making the mistake of turning your social media account into a one way communication. Your audience should know that they are valued and are the priority of the posts. In order to build a network that is a quite basic in the marketing field, you need to interact and engage. You may every now and then come up with gimmicks like short and fun contests,  post questions that will make them participate in a forum or a discussion. Creativity is one factor to integrate in engaging with a social media audience.


4 Know your Audience

Invest a pretty good amount of time in knowing your audience. Different social media can lead you to a different type or genre of individuals. Instagram users are usually those who are inclined visually. Photos and short videos are what rules Instagram and given this factor, you can better penetrate into your followers by making sure that you get to post catchy, vibrant, stunning photos that will lead to generating a market for your business. LinkedIn on the other hand is a hub for professionally inclined people. If you want to sell your business in a professional approach, LinkedIn among others is the platform that you should be looking for. Remember there are different approaches for different types of social media  platforms for a variety of audience.


5 Do Not Disappear

You have to remain visible and your constant presence in the social media world is imperative to make sure that you stay relevant. A day or two of absence could cost you your followers. With that short span of time, your audience will most likely to be engaged by a competitor. But it doesn’t mean that you should be active in all platforms round the clock. There are tools and softwares that allows scheduling of future updates on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.